Closing time 18-18

Well the slice of life challenge is over which means I won’t be able to post as often but now and again I will. Until then I wanted to thank everyone who stumble over to my site and read  about my crazy experiences. Any way I have a ton of home work to do over the weekend and I want to get done with as much of it as I can so I can enjoy the weekend, so tired.Today I woke up thinking it was Saturday but nope. But thanks for reading my little slice of life blog till next time,BYE.;)




Nothing like a hot drink to burn you 17-18

So I’m prone for something to go wrong with me and hot drinks or food,hot coco,soup you name it it comes to me burning or spilling it. I remember last year my family went to a new cafe and I order the hot chocolate and what I found out is that they put it with a lot of whip cream and I can remember totally almost spilling it all over myself. Just last night I got done putting on my pajamas  and I wanted to heat up the soup but when I did I kept burning my mouth I still don’t get why when I drink a hot drink and burn myself I just keep drinking it. Any way that’s it for now.


Bad day,Bad day,Bad day 16-18

So remember what I post about yesterday,yeah I take it all back.Today started out like any other we where about to drive to my sister and brother’s elementary school when I hear “Has anyone seen my keys.”So I had to get there an hour late which is horrible because we had a STAAR simulation but it all work out in the end but at least tomorrow we can get back to our normal daily school day.





Easy going day 15-18

So sorry that I didn’t post yesterday  the STAAR was making me zone out yesterday ,but I’m am glad that testing is over.Other then that I think that it was a pretty easy going day.I wish that the district would make STAAR days half days.It just fell that we are all tired and we deserve  to go home to rest.



Birthdays 14-18

So this weekend I went to my 2 cousins’s birthday party.It was really nice we got to go bowling,laser tag,arcade and the best thing is CAKE.My 13th birthday  party is coming up soon and I’m really excited about that but here’s the the thing that happens to me after parties I one get sick or get  a headache. Never the less I love hanging out doing fun activities or again eat  Cake .


P.S:Wishing good luck to everyone who has to take the STAAR soon 😉



I got K.O basketball 13-18

So today can I take a moment to say FRIDAY finally!With that out of the way let me tell you about my fourth period in class-P.E so we usually go run laps around the track but we can’t because it cloudy and rainy which is weird because up until today the weather has been wonderful.Anyway we had a substitute teacher and we where playing what anyone would do on a rainy day…basketball.So I was going to shoot the ball when out of nowhere a ball hit me straight in the face like it had the prefect aim straight to my face,and it was one of those that was extra pumped so it really hurt even siting here my head is spinning I think I have to lay down.



weird scary book I have 12-18

OK I I’m the type of person who loves scary stuff scary stories,movies,etc.Though I never want to be in that situation ever,I love the feeling of adrenaline when someone pulls a jump scare on you.I guess I got it from a ghost book that I got when I was about six ,and like you would have thought I was scared out of my mind after reading it that I never picked up that book in a year after that still afraid of it’s stories I still have it today.Yet I guess it was the reason  I love that stuff today.



No sleep 11-18

So with the test and exams coming up I can’t seem to get any sleep any more and last night when I could get some sleep my sister’s phone alarm woke me up at 4 am.I can’t wait till next weekend when all the studying and test are over with so I could maybe get some sleep.


Time to study or whatever 10-18

So now that we are back from spring break and in the use of things the first thing I hear is that we have a STAAR writing test and a STAAR review test. Sometimes I feel that we are getting punished for taking a break from school.Now there is more test and reviews. I’m sure that the teachers are having it the hardest to getting  us ready. Hopefully we make it out alive.



We get it already 9-18

So we finally where able to drag ourselves out of the safe warm place called bed into the the bottomless pit or as most people call it school.Lets admit it we what an extra day ,or week,or month but with STAAR next week that way out of the question ,but what really annoyed me is how lots of people are asking how was spring break at first no big deal but after a while it gets old.You already know how they are going to answer so why bother asking.Never the less I hope you had a great spring break.